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Dental Services for everyone

We prefer to do a general examination, take radiographs and assess a patient’s needs and wishes before doing a treatment plan and discussing options and cost with our patients. However if you have toothache or require emergency care we are happy to do this at the initial appointment. We will put you at ease and help with any anxiety about dental care.

    • Emergency – Relief of pain
    • Regular check up with digital x-rays
    • Fillings designed for your mouth
    • Gums – the foundations – scaling and polishing by the dentists
    • Free dental care for teenagers (13 – 18 years)
    • Tooth whitening, cosmetic treatment, brighten your smile.
    • Crowns, Bridges, Implants.IMG_4846
    • Root canal treatments to save abscessed teeth
    • Dental Extractions
    • Wisdom teeth treatment
    • ACC treatment
    • Referrals to specialists
    • Dentures – plastic partials and precision metal partials